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Best breast pads 2022

Made from 100% natural bamboo fibres, which are 40% more absorbent than organic cotton, these moisture-wicking pads pull a greater amount of milk away from your skin than cotton versions.

This helps to keep your skin dry thereby preventing infection and reducing discomfort.

Eco and Eco(nomical)

Jubblies washable nursing pads are much more economical than disposable pads. You can expect to need between 9 and 12 pairs of Jubblies nursing pads, costing about £2.50 a pair or less if you bundle.

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Why choose Jubblies?

At Jubblies, we recognise that mums have a choice between disposable nursing pads and reusable nursing pads.

Disposable nursing pads are made from a thin absorbent material and come in different levels, similar to sanitary napkins. They usually have a sticky back to stick to your bra, which impedes breathability, contributing to nipple soreness and infection risk.

When they get wet, you throw disposable pads in the bin and put on a new pair, creating lots of single use waste.

Jubblies is about reducing both waste, cost and nipple discomfort, so our nursing pads are designed to last for the entire breastfeeding period and are machine washable for ease.

Further, our bamboo material of choice requires 1/3 less water to grow than cotton and is a self-replenishing resource.

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