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The 5 Point Jubblies Standard

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Because Jubblies pads for nursing are made of 100% natural bamboo fibres, they provide superior air circulation, which is necessary to aid in the sore nipple healing process.


The bamboo used in Jubblies pads for nursing is 40% more absorbent than even the finest organic cotton, wicking moisture away from the skin much faster to reduce discomfort, keep you dry and prevent infection.


Jubblies recognise that mums have a choice between disposable nursing pads and reusable nursing pads. Disposable nursing pads are made from a thin absorbent material and come in different levels, similar to sanitary napkins. They usually have a sticky back to adhere to your bra, which impedes breathability, contributing to nipple soreness and infection risk.

Many disposable nursing pads, like disposable diapers, also contain absorbent chemicals that you will be putting directly against your skin and baby’s mouth. When they get wet, mum throws them in the garbage and puts on a new pair, creating waste.

Jubblies is about reducing both waste and nipple discomfort, so our nursing pads are designed to last and can be machine washed for ease. Further, our bamboo material of choice requires 1/3 less water to grow that cotton and is a self-replenishing resource.


The cost of a box of 60 disposable nursing pads is around £7. While the amount each mum needs daily will vary, you can safely assume at least three to four daily nursing pad changes, meaning that you will have to keep purchasing disposable pads at a rate of at least two boxes per month, creating a minimum monthly expense of £14. Washable nursing pads are much more economical. You can expect to need between 6 to 9 pairs of Jubblies nursing pads, costing about £2.50 a pair or less if you bundle. Get everything you need for a one time cost and enjoy superior comfort to boot.


One of the issues founder Ivy Parker is committed to is maternal mental health.

The reality is that self-image is often impacted negatively for women post-partum, with approximately 15% of new mums in the UK—over 100,000 mothers annually--experiencing related depression.

Losing baby weight can be a struggle and is difficult to cope with for many new mums. Add mesh postpartum pants and exhaustion into the mix and it’s natural for some women to feel a loss of their own identity, grappling with a staggering de-prioritization of their own needs in the months after delivery. As a mum who has personally experienced being in the 15%, Ivy sought ways to reclaim her self-esteem post-partum, reminding herself daily that maternal well-being is imperative for family well-being.

Design matters. Our choices reflect self-care and individuality. Ivy noticed how happy it made her husband to have well-designed socks, how it would put a smile on his face to enjoy that small, intimate luxury each and every day. In developing her Jubblies line, Ivy applied the same principle. Cute and classic nursing pads add some pep to breastfeeding, a process which can feel quite harrowing for mums struggling post-partum.

Jubblies is a luxury product at an accessible price because all mums deserve the best, regardless of their personal journey.

All our Jubblies meet our 5 point standard

How many do I need to buy?

Our general recommendation for practical purposes is to start out with six sets of Jubblies: this will allow you to have one to two pairs in the wash, three pairs available throughout the day, and one spare pair in the nappy bag in case of emergencies.